Friday, April 4, 2014

Relief for the Common Fighting Man

At character creation, a player may choose one of the following options to further reflect a Fighting Man's specific prowess in melee:

Image credit Inkthinker

  • Berserker: +2 to hit when berserk, Requires a Save vs. Spells to stop fighting when all enemies are down else will attack allies; may be subdued - as a Dragon - if needed to protect allies.
  • Shield Fighter: use of a shield grants an additional +1 AC bonus, a shield fighter may ignore one non-surprise attack per round; suffers a -1 AC penalty when fighting without shield.
  • Two-Weapon: Player chooses one effect each round; +1 to AC or +1 To-Hit.  Weapon pairs may be twin weapon types or mixed weapon types. A fighting man's Strength determines the type of weapons that may be dual-wielded. Weapons are divided into Light (d4 damage), Medium (d6), Heavy (d8) and Two-Handed (d10 damage), which cannot be dual-wielded. A fighting man with a Strength of 8 may dual-wield Light weapons, Strength 10 allows dual-wielding Medium or mixing one Light and one Medium weapon, Strength 12 allows mixing one heavy and one medium weapon, Strength 14 allows dual-wielding Heavy weapons. Damage should always be the largest die.
  • Zweihander:  May apply a single attack roll against up to three adjacent foes.

Image credit D&D Wiki