Friday, April 4, 2014

Relief for the Common Fighting Man

At character creation, a player may choose one of the following options to further reflect a Fighting Man's specific prowess in melee:

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  • Berserker: +2 to hit when berserk, Requires a Save vs. Spells to stop fighting when all enemies are down else will attack allies; may be subdued - as a Dragon - if needed to protect allies.
  • Shield Fighter: use of a shield grants an additional +1 AC bonus, a shield fighter may ignore one non-surprise attack per round; suffers a -1 AC penalty when fighting without shield.
  • Two-Weapon: Player chooses one effect each round; +1 to AC or +1 To-Hit.  Weapon pairs may be twin weapon types or mixed weapon types. A fighting man's Strength determines the type of weapons that may be dual-wielded. Weapons are divided into Light (d4 damage), Medium (d6), Heavy (d8) and Two-Handed (d10 damage), which cannot be dual-wielded. A fighting man with a Strength of 8 may dual-wield Light weapons, Strength 10 allows dual-wielding Medium or mixing one Light and one Medium weapon, Strength 12 allows mixing one heavy and one medium weapon, Strength 14 allows dual-wielding Heavy weapons. Damage should always be the largest die.
  • Zweihander:  May apply a single attack roll against up to three adjacent foes.

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  1. So if you pick Zweihander you can attack three adjacent opponents every round?

    1. Jay, that's correct. It may seem like a lot but there's a couple of things that influence it's impact. I tend to give every other or every third mob a shield and it's benefit to AC and this has in practice made a difference enough to keep things interesting. Additionally, and perhaps I should have mentioned this above, there's a friendly-fire effect if you attack mobs surrounding another party member, your attack roll is checked against the other PC's AC as well as the mobs and damage dealt if you hit them.

    2. D'oh! Also forgot to mention against singular and tougher opponents, such as older dragon specimens, the Zweihander still only gets the one attack. So, good against hordes of mobs but regular versus single enemies.