Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Begin, Be Bold...

Another blog about Dungeons and Dragons?  Merciful Savior in Heaven why?!  Good question.

Mostly because I'm hopeful that putting the details of my campaign plan online will help drive me to completion this time around.  As my nephews and brother are all too aware I've tried this before many times without success.  The pressure of a career, the obligations of family, faith and responsibility all seem to conspire to rob me of the time necessary to plot out and plan a simple D&D game, never mind the time to play.

But in the immortal if misquoted words of W. P. Kinsella "If I build it, they will play."  I know they will because of a recent game of Dungeon played after Thanksgiving dinner, it really made everyone's desire to play - especially mine - obvious to me.  Fortunately I do have some advantages in this situation: I'm single and have a little time most nights and every other weekend, actually every other weekend I have a good bit of time available.  Of course, until recently I've been sinking that time into things like the Mass Effect trilogy, Torchlight 2, Neverwinter Nights, World of Borecraft, even ::shudder:: The Sims 3.  But I'd really rather get the family together and play D&D.

So I have a plan, there's more than enough sources of inspiration on the web, from the members of the OSR and their multitudinous publications.  I'm following several (too many) of the OSR blogs and I believe I can cobble together a simple but good game without having to sink every spare hour into it.  If there's anything I've learned from my online perusals it's that random tools can accomplish a lot, the danger is over-reliance on them and allowing them to dominate your own creativity.

I don't know of what, if any, interest this blog will be to readers; if it's not don't waste your time.  As I said at the start of this, this is mostly for me.  Hopefully the spectre of public failure will be too ghastly a prospect for me to embrace, forcing me to push ahead.

At the very least I've begun, boldly I hope.  As for the rest of it, well, I'll try to follow the advise of Horace here...

“Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.”

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