Tuesday, March 19, 2013

General Update #4

Ugh.  As of this Thursday, it will be six weeks since my last blog post, six!  That’s not very good considering that I’m only just getting started.  Part of that delay has been an increased demand from my job, being ill for five weeks running and the fact that I have been struggling to get my map together.  I’ve always done this sort of thing by hand before and learning to use GIMP and trying to work with real-world sources has been harder than I thought.  Old dog, new tricks and all that jazz.

The good news is I’m finally feeling better and work is getting back on an even keel.  So, presented for your perusal is my work-in-progress (wip) map of Bramblewood.  Hex scale is six miles per hex as most movement rates in Expert D&D is divisible by six.

Also expect more magic items… Immediately!

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