Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Cross-pollenization of D&D with CRPGs is always fun and recruiting your favorite monsters from other sources can really help personalize your campaign.  From the Ultima series of PC games comes the…


Armor Class:         3                                  No. Appearing:     1-6 (4-24)
Hit Dice:                  5                                  Save As:                   Fighter: 6
Move:                        120’ (40’)                   Morale:                    10
Attacks:                   2 fists or                     Treasure Type:     V
                                    1 weapon                   
Damage:                  1d3/1d3/+1d6           Alignment:             Chaotic
                                    or weapon

Headless resemble hirsute, lithe and wiry humans in almost every way, except for the glaring lack of a neck or head.  They are said to be the result of experiments by an unnamed mage. Despite their lack of eyes and ears, headless have no trouble sensing their surroundings and are apt fighters.  If a headless hits with both hands on the same victim in one round of combat, the headless is throttling its victim and will cause 1-6 (1d6) additional points of damage in the same round as the fist attacks.  This additional damage will continue each round after the first as the headless strangles the life from its victim, this continues until either the headless or the victim are dead.  Headless tend to pick up the pouches and sacks of their fallen foes.  If headless are detected by characters before entering the range at which these abominations can detect prey (about 60 feet), it can be a simple matter to avoid a pack of these brutes by implementing silence in the party and keeping a discreet distance.  Headless are immune to spells or magical devices that affect the mind (such as Charm Person, Hold or Sleep) or senses (you cannot blind one by use of a Light spell, for example).


The Ultima game series and Headless are the creation of Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, and property of Electronics Arts (EA).  Presentation of that property here should be considered Fair-Use and does not represent an attempt to dispute ownership.

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