Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WoTC Makes Basic-edition D&D Avavilable Again!


I thought I might post a magic item or two today; hoping to get into a regular rhythm here (Tues-Thurs-Sun) but it turns out I really have something much better to write about!

Today Wizards of the Coast has started re-releasing the .pdf versions of previous editions of Dungeons & Dragons, including Moldvay's edition of the D&D Basic Set Rulebook!  Previously they had only released the Mentzer (BECMI) edition of the D&D Basic Set.   This is a quality scan and has been nicely cleaned up, unlike the pirate fan-scans available out there, and the text is selectable as well.  The price is acceptable too, only $4.99 for the rulebook.  I bought my original hardcopies in the boxed sets for $12.00 each back in the day, of course that included the cheapo dice-set with crayon to fill-in the numbers and an adventure module (B2 and X1 respectively).  Now all I need is the matching Expert volume and I am good-to-go!

This is terrific news for those of us die-hard Basic/Expert fans.  And a step in the right direction by WoTC.  Perhaps they've been paying attention after all...?

As the D&DClassics.com site has been up and down due to traffic here's a backup link to the Basic Rules, just in case...

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